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My Favorite Store
February 19, 2010, 1:09 pm

A few years ago, my oldest daughter, Lacey, discovered a real treasure . It's a luscious store called Vignettes on Newport Ave. in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Laurie, the owner, was hosting a soiree on Valentines Day. She sent out a mailer that was very enticing. Since I have missed her other parties in the past, I decided to make the effort to be there for this one. I gathered up my daughter, sister, sister-in-law and the husbands were in tow. We drank pink champagne, devoured red velvet cupcakes made by Azucar, a Cuban bakery next door, and feasted our eyes on all of the French bling and goodies for the home and heart. Checkout the website: Vignettesantiques.com to get a better idea. Let me know what you think. Holly

favorite store

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